What is the Face of the Matter?

If you haven’t picked up the trend yet, this is a blog about PIO stuff. And a bit more. We’ll say (emergency) risk communication. Think ad campaigns, special populations outreach, mass communication methods, social media, crisis communication, disaster response, a smidgen of social marketing, and, well, other things that interest me at the time.

The name of the blog refers to how people view a situation. Our understanding of particular situations is colored by two things. First, what we see; and second, what we hear. If an official stands in front of us and says the situation is under control just as the burning building behind him collapses in conflagration, we tend not to trust that person as much in the future. Conversely, properly placed notes of extreme caution during situations that seem to be of no worry can be ignored until it’s too late. To that end, it’s no longer good enough to respond to an emergency or crisis perfectly. If it truly is an emergency or crisis, the player must communicate about the situation and what they’re doing about it. Blame it on a 24/7 media, blame it on the bloggers, but understand that the face we present during a situation is as important as the facts of the situation. The face of the matter.