Viral Cities: Places: Design Observer

“In the event of a serious pandemic,” write Jeanne Lenzer and Shannon Brownlee in The Atlantic, school closings and voluntary and even mandatory quarantines “will require … widespread buy-in from the public. Yet little discussion has appeared in the press to help people understand the measures they can take to best protect themselves.”

Taken from Viral Cities, an essay by Thomas Fisher, posted to the Places blog.

A very interesting post on developing cities to fend off pandemics. The issue of quarantine is raised a number of times in the piece, leading inevitably to the above quote.

When thinking about this topic in the real world, I can come up with messages for forced isolation situations. They’re not perfect, but doable. Quarantine messages elude me.

I just can’t figure out how to tell people, “You may or may not have a deadly disease. Go stand over there with that bunch of people who may or may not have a deadly disease.”