ICS Forms on an iPad

One of my money wasting hobbies is buying every app in the Apple App Store that proclaims to do PDF annotations.

iAnnotate. GoodReader. LifeForms. You name it, I’ve tried it. None work how I want them to.

What I want to do is to have ICS forms in PDF on my iPad. And be able to fill them out on the iPad. How nice would it be to draw up a quick ICS 201 on the fly?

I take mine to every meeting I go to nowadays and everyone from docs to university security directors to fire chiefs has one and they all use ’em in the field. So, there’s definitely an audience.

For all of our sakes, someone please make a PDF filling out app. And if you could preload it with ICS forms, that’d be super. Thanks!


One thought on “ICS Forms on an iPad

  1. Look What Firefighters Are Saying About InciNotes™

    I would like to take this opportunity to share a great iPad application called InciNotes #ICS 201 Documentation System. In today’s complex changing emergency service where accountability and safety are at the forefront of an #Incident Commander. A tool for accurate and timely way to document an incident is essential. InciNotes has done it with this ICS 201 for the iPad. I use InciNotes, I found it to be easy and simple to use. InciNotes produces a great professional ready to send out ICS 201 report of your incident to whom ever may need the information.

    I highly recommend InciNotes for any person assigned to manage an incident. It a must have tool for the toolbox.
    Polo Rodriguez Fire Captain & OSC Type 1 Cal Fire

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