On Timidity and PR

The 2010 general election season has passed and was a–some would say–stunning repudiation of one party. “America has spoken,” the headlines announce.

But, what did we say? The easy answer is Democrats, boo, Republicans, yay! But I wonder. Can a nation that resoundingly elected Democrats across the nation just two years ago completely flip the other way, and reject them in a historic fashion today?

I’m no political analyst (I don’t even play one on TV), so my interpretation is little more than conjecture (and a bit of a search for a silver lining, as a seeming repudiated person).

I agree with the headlines and polls that say Americans are frustrated. Hell, they were frustrated two years ago, four years ago. So, nothing’s changed in that light. The constant isn’t the political party, it’s the state of the nation, the government.

People voted in 2008 for change with a capital “C,” and a Gotham font. I think they feel they didn’t get it. The news reports were full of “Obama compromises,” and “No deals dones,” and “Still no progresses.” So, if the Democrats can’t do change, maybe the Republicans can.

The thing is, and this is how I pull this away from the political world, there was a TON of change. Ask any Republican commentator. Health care, Wall Street, GM, you name it. Why the disconnect?

I argue that one of the most media savvy Administrations in history failed to communicate their much vaunted change. From a governmental standpoint, maybe that’s for the best, just concentrating on governing, but the whole purpose of this blog is that what you say is as important as what you do.

This is similar to what local governments do. Lots of great work (though this isn’t necessarily a reflection of the President’s policies), not a lot PR. Nobody saying what’s been done. No good stories.

Is your PR timid? Are your good works going unnoticed?