Via Prepared for an online crisis? Ask yourself these 10 questions

1. Do you have a very Internet and social media-savvy staff member or consultant on your crisis management team? If not, the rest of these questions are moot, your car is heading for a brick wall at high speed, and you aren’t wearing a seatbelt.

2. Are your spokespersons trained in the differences between online and offline communications?

3. How closely does your organization monitor the Internet for current or potential reputation threats?

Jonathan Bernstein has a great post up on today. Because all of the PR bloggers have already posted on it I wouldn’t normally do so myself. It’s good enough, though, I want to make sure that everyone sees it.

It’s that good.

Mr. Bernstein also has a great blog and newsletter.

(Also, I’ve got a copy of his latest book that I’m working on reviewing. Watch this space for that.)