Via BoingBoing: Social Media Worst Case Scenario

As you probably know by now, I am prone to overstatement. Just about everything is amazingly cool, a great opportunity to learn, a wonderful statement about something. In my eyes, all of that pales in comparison to this video. I’m taking an early lunch and postponing something I had scheduled to go live this afternoon to post this video.

The video is a time-constrained presentation that takes events that have already happened, and combines them into a fictional story that demonstrates just how quickly — and how bad — global social media use can impact a local area.

Watch the video first–it’s only 5 minutes–then read on.

For government communicators, do you monitor for situations that might affect your jurisdictions? I know that Philly police started doing that after a series of violent flash mobs. Remember the time frame. Can you react quickly enough? Two hours after starting in Japan, all of this happened.

For private sector folks, do you monitor for situations that might affect your company locations (not just company name)? There’s no reason why the address that got posted couldn’t have been her office. Is your crisis plan ready for situations that occur not to you, but around you? It will still be your office location that gets repeated over and over again on the news.

If there ever was a need to incorporate social media monitoring into your crisis plans, this is it.


One thought on “Via BoingBoing: Social Media Worst Case Scenario

  1. Jim,I think this is a great demonstration of how quickly any community could be overtaken by a social-media spurred incident, to the extent that public officials’ heads would still be spinning days later trying to figure out “just what the heck happened?”Thanks for sharing it; it’s a good example of the potential impact of social media to keep in the hip-pocket when trying to illustrate the importance of social media awareness for public agencies.Marcus

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