Via What Your Media Trainer Should Tell You is Going to Happen

During an interview this morning on WHYY’s Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane, the governor said though he apologized to Stahl afterward for his outburst, he didn’t apologize to her producers, who he said goaded her into asking him the same question “over and over again.”

He said the other alternative was to walk out of the interview, which was on the subject of casinos. But, he said, “that would have been just as bad because I believe the press should have access to public officials.”

Soon-to-be former PA Governor, Ed Rendell, is usually pretty media savvy. When he recently sat down with 60 Minutes to discuss legalized gambling, which is a hot-button issue here in Philadelphia, thing didn’t go so well. He came off poorly, to say the least. He was angry, snarling, yelling, abusive, etc.

At the time, I was surprised by his reaction on camera, and am now even more surprised by his reasons why this happened. Every media trainer I’ve ever met tells you that the media will ask the same question a thousand times, in slightly different ways. When they get the answer they want (see: Rendell, Ed) they toss the rest of the tape and just use that.

Please, for the sake of your agency, if there’s anyone who might be in front of a camera, put them in front of a media trainer first!