Via Mitigation Journal: NIMS is dead

NIMS is dead…you still have to take the classes and jump through the hoops…but the practice is dead. Few if any local governments or response agencies are truly NIMS compliant and the NIMS CAST has become just another checklist – to “say” we’ve done it. In reality our practice of NIMS under the National Response Framework is no better off at improving on-scene coordination and interoperability than twenty years ago.

Sometimes I worry that I go too much for shock value when I title posts around here. Rick Russotti said the above in a recent editorial. Rick is an emergency responder badass and he says that NIMS is dead, so I figure that so long as I title things a smidge below Rick’s level, I should be okay.

Beyond that, the full post is an interesting argument about the hoops we all jump through.


2 thoughts on “Via Mitigation Journal: NIMS is dead”

  1. Meh. To paraphrase Mark Twain, I think this declaration of the death of NIMS is premature. The example Mr. Russotti gives to illustrate his point is, i.e. NYC’s response to the recent snowstorm, is hardly cause to claim that NIMS is either no longer valid or being utilized. Rather, he should be arguing that NYC still has a lot of work to do.While there is indeed much work to be done across the board in terms of NIMS, the NRF and ICS, there are a number of jurisdictions that have made great progress and continue to do so, and I feel fortunate to live in one of them. I’m sure we will see changes to the NIMS/NRF concepts as we continue down this road, but I believe they will be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. I wouldn’t let Mr. Russotti’s frustrations with the ongoing challenges of what is by any measure a significantly ambitious, but equally important and worthwhile effort, influence anyone to believe the effort is no longer worth pursuing.

  2. Thanks for reading Mitigation Journal! It is always nice to get other points of view and gain some insight into what others are thinking. I do wish you had posted a reply on MJ so I could have responded to you sooner. As for the comment posted in reply…I make my comments based on what I see. I don’t insinuate that NIMS compliance is not worth the effort; but from my seat, the “compliance” has become a check list – a to-do list – in order to get funding. One has to wonder what shape “compliance” will take when the funding runs out.Best wishes and stay safe.Rick

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