Via PIO Social Media Training: FDNY Uses YouTube to Communicate Message to the Hearing Impaired

I came across this great example of using the right media format to the get the message out in a way those that need it can easily receive it on the Fire Department Of New York City’s YouTube channel:

from: PIO Social Media Training

First of all, what a cool idea! Both the instructions for deaf/hard of hearing and for captioning the video! Here are the instructions on how to add captions to your videos.

Secondly, what a great time to pass along information about PIO Social Media Training. They run a free email bootcamp to help get you and your PIO up to speed with how to use social media. After the course is complete, you’ll also receive email news updates about the latest goings-on in the asocial media and PIO world. I found it extremely useful when I originally signed up. Learn more and register here.