Stock and Flow

Reason number ten thousand one on why to read things beyond your
speciality: this recent post on
. Seven
tips to “stickier” blog posts, sounds kind of SEO-like, kind of
PR-ish, slimy maybe? Not Mashable, and man, the first tip, oh man is
it good. Titled Mix Stock and Flow Content, it describes one way to
keep your blog fresh. Since I like to recommend that agencies look
into using blogs and Facebook Pages, here’s a tip for how to keep the
content fresh and interesting.

“Stock” content is the bedrock of a blog. It’s original, typically longer-form content that’s insightful and outstanding. This is what keeps people coming back hungrily for your expertise or unique wit. A clear voice and angle that people can count on is often the hallmark of good bedrock content.

“Flow” content is shorter, curated links and excerpts from related content around the web. Think of it like what The Huffington Post or Buzzfeed do: They take web content their readers are likely to be interested in and put their own commentary on it, linking back to the full text off-site. Without the commentary, you’re just another aggregator; and without proper attribution and linking to the original source, you jeopardize your relationship with the original site (and break copyright law if you plagiarize parts of or the whole post).

Seems like a pretty good idea to me. In fact, might be a good idea for
this blog. I’ve done a few of these “via” posts that highlight a
passage or an image or a video. I’d like to do more, and I’m going to
make a concerted effort to pass along some of the cool tidbits that I
find from time to time. A bit more flow, if you will. If you come
across anything that you think our little community might enjoy,
please send it along!


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