How I Learned of Steve Jobs’ Passing

Watching the Phillies game, writing a blog post, sitting with my wife,
I opened the Instagram iPhone app on my phone.
The latest post in my feed was from Robert Scoble, a tech evangelist.
It was an image of a rainbow, with a comment on the death of Mr.

It was posted less than ten minutes after the official news release
by Apple

To a photo-sharing app.

That’s only available on one brand of smartphone (and nowhere on a computer).

How can we continue to believe that we can control a message
when we don’t even know where the information resides? Because no one
(outside of paparazzi) monitors Instagram for breaking news, and yet
that’s where this news broke.

My thoughts on Mr. Jobs death? Sadness, obviously. Too young. While
I’m an iOS devotee, I don’t believe that his greatest contribution was
any sort of technology or software. It was his modeling of a behavior
that has influenced hundreds of young, brilliant entrepreneurs: be
reckless and bold and firm, understand that perfection is far more
important than money, and incrementalism is for losers. Those
messages, when placed into the hands of the right people can literally
move mountains (and industries). Indeed they have for millennia. Mr.
Jobs was just another in a long line of game-changers. We should all
be so bold.

How I Learned of Steve Jobs’ Passing

5 thoughts on “How I Learned of Steve Jobs’ Passing

  1. Jim Garrow says:

    Robin:I hadn’t thought of that, but since you mentioned it, I’ll definitely consider it. Thanks for the suggestion!And Bill? You just keep on keepin’ on. You’re too persnickety to kick it before your time. =) I’m glad you keep stopping by, friend.

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