Via Patrice’s Picks: Boston Police Zombie Notification


Hat tip to the amazing Patrice Cloutier (@patricecloutier) for this amazing image of how to do public affairs correctly.

Whoever was staffing the Twitter account that day could have easily ignored the question from Will Cady (@willcady), but chose to respond directly in a way that demonstrated transparency and approachability.

Pros and cons?

I see no cons. This tweet didn’t go out to all Boston Police Twitter followers, because it was direct at Mr. Cady’s account, so no one else was bothered by a less than serious tweet. And unless there was a extensive approval process, it wasn’t a burden on the Police Department’s time or manpower.

Pros? Mr. Cady’s got a great, POSITIVE, story to tell about the Boston PD. Every zombie nut in the US is virtually high-fiving BPD. And now you’re hearing about it in a congratulatory fashion. Free positive PR for a local police department? Sounds good to me.


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