Twitter Media Advisory

Dave Schrader, my local American Red Cross Communications Director, understands how social media is remaking how the press works better than almost anyone out there.

During a recent fire that displaced a number of residents in a local suburban town, Doylestown, Dave was deployed to the scene to coordinate information releases. He actively used social media throughout the response, posting images, tweeting updates and doing all of those things that I recommend all of us do. But he had this one tweet that really stuck with me. It was, in effect, a Twitter media advisory.

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Intended only for members of the media, this post offered the media a direct line to a PIO on scene. As more and more reporters, editors and news directors use Twitter to discover and cover breaking news, this type of tweet will become de rigueur. And what a great way to do it, too. He not only mentions the hashtag that he’s been using so the media can catch up on what’s going on, but provides a way for them to get face-to-face updates while on scene of what was a considerable conflagration in the middle of the night. (Read that as: dark, wet, cold, lots of flashing lights, apparati, neighbors and families rushed out of their houses in the middle of the night.)

What a great best practice! Thanks for everything Dave!