Via Gerald Baron: DC tweeter loses Job, but union picks up the Twitter slack

Union President Edward C. Smith acknowledged that the group, which in the recent past had mostly tweeted links to news articles, planned to step up its activity.

“We are going to try to fill Pete’s shoes, though those are some shoes to fill,” he said. “Obviously, it’s a valuable service and we want to continue that.”

So apparently if you want to know what DC Fire is up to, forget about @dcfireems, instead follow @IAFF36.

Quick follow up on yesterday’s post about Pete Piringer and DC F&EMS from Gerald Baron, writing for Emergency Management Magazine.

Apparently, IAFF Local 36 has decided to step up and fill the void in real-time information dissemination that the City has abdicated. In today’s world, where almost no one trusts government, do you really think this is the best course of action–if only from a PR perspective?

Even if nominally, the DC F&EMS are providing information updates to the public and therefore not completely abdicating their responsibility, when compared with the presumed 100% transparency being provided by a private third-party, how do you think the populace must feel?

My guess? Like the government doesn’t even care about them.