Interviews via Skype

I’m a huge fan of Skype but I dislike that Skype lacks a built-in recording capability.  In order to record Skype conversations, you must use an outside recording application and here are the best ones I’ve found so far

In the past, I’ve provided evidence that, in emergencies, reporters may use Skype to do interviews (and I’d argue, especially after watching my local news, that Skype interviews are becoming more and more common). This is a nice development because it can be done at one’s desk with a minimal of shuffling people around (and cameras and gear and uploads, etc.).

One potential problem, though, is getting access to the full interview afterwards. Some of us like to hear what we said, either so we can learn about our shortcomings (me) or make sure that the record is straight (probably you). Recently, I came across an article by Curt Finch, writing for Inc. Magazine that describes four tools he’s used to record those interviews that he’s done. Check the link above for more information and happy Skype-ing!