The 25 Days of SMEM

‘Tis the holiday season! Some call it the season of giving,
which is something I can always get behind. So, in that spirit, I’ve
got something for you. And this is something that will hopefully be
interesting to both my PIOs and my public health friends. A series
of twelve posts highlighting the very best uses of social media in
public health emergencies. For the next three weeks, every Monday
through Thursday, I’ll publish a new post with the full story and
links for more information. Best practices from around the world, with
a variety of emergencies, and even some preparatory groundwork in case
of an emergency.

And that’s not all! This isn’t just something I’m doing. My very good
friends, Patrice Cloutier and
Kim Stephens, are doing something
very similar, highlighting social media in emergency management best
practices and lessons learned all through the holiday season. All of
this effort will culminate in a joint post by all three of us listing
our choices of the top 10 SMEM destinations on the web.

Please feel free to comment, gripe, disagree, share and otherwise get
involved all throughout the month of December. I’ll be making my
recommendations on what the top 10 should look like based upon your
feedback, so if you love something, let me know!