12 Days of SMEM: Sacramento Public Health Daily Video Updates

More video! (Can you tell I’m a bit obsessed?) While today’s
selection utilizes YouTube as the primary dissemination vehicle like
yesterday’s post,
the reason why is a bit different. That was intended to demonstrate.
Today we look to reassure and inform.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Kerry
at a JIC/PIO
earlier this
year, and if you ever get the opportunity to hear him, I highly
recommend it. I say this not only because he’s a dynamic speaker, but
because he gets emergency public information dissemination via social
media better than just about anyone else in public health. And his
coup de grace (thus far) is the yeoman’s work he did at the
Sacramento County Public Health

during the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic.

As the pandemic was shaping up Mr. Shearer grabbed hold of the
Department’ YouTube channel and used it—in some cases daily—to ensure
that the residents of Sacramento County got the very latest updates
and other useful information about the pandemic.

From making press conferences available—in full—to the
, to
updates on wait times at the
, to what
to expect when you show up at a vaccine
, Mr.
Shearer and the folks at Sacramento County Public Health truly set the
bar for openness, transparency and availability.

And really, if you’ve got a few minutes to watch the What To
video, do;
it’s excellent.