12 Days of SMEM: Wrap-up and Review


What a three weeks! Our little 12DaysofSMEM may have been one of the
most rewarding and enjoyable blogging things I’ve done yet. And boy
did I learn a ton. I hope that you found these posts as enlightening
as I did and recommend folks check this post out to see all that we’ve

So, what’s next? First, a break. I’ll be back with renewed vigor after
the new year, and back to our normal emergency public information
work. I’ve got plans to get back to basics and review some of the
CERC (in time for CERC 2, maybe?) and
risk communication models. I had promised earlier this year to look
into video, and I still really want to do that. Beyond that, I’d
like to start talking more about media relations, especially when
viewed through the lens of social media. I envision my role in that
part of communications will only continue to grow here in Philly, so
as I learn more about it, so will you. And of course, we’ll be talking
about all of the disasters, PR and otherwise, that happen.

Thank you all for an amazing, amazing year. The folks who stop by and
read? Let me know who you are! Email, Twitter, smoke signals, comment
on the blog. The folks who comment and interact? Love you guys and
gals. Keep it up. The quality of your thoughts and comments only
serves to make this blog more relevant and expert (I really am a
reflection of your collected intelligence). And everyone that
contributed to the blog in some way? I owe you a beer, simple as that.

The Twelve Days of SMEM: