The Secret to Social Media Success Has Little to Do With Social Media

You want to know why your agency’s social media effort isn’t getting the rave reviews you always wanted? I say it’s because you’ll never do what basketball superstar Stephen Curry did with his most recent contest. He solicited fans to make recordings of themselves hitting a difficult basketball shot; the more outrageous, the better. He picked out his five favorite shots and posted them to his Facebook page, asking fans to vote for their favorite. The winner was to receive a voicemail recording by Mr. Curry. That’s it. You could do that, right?

And that’s pretty cool. I’ll bet if your agency did something like that you’d get a few hundred extra fans and some media exposure. And if you roped a local sports star in, double or triple that exposure. But it’s what’s happens next is why your efforts won’t reach Mr. Curry’s level.

A couple of weeks after the contest ended, Mr. Curry’s team was in Philadelphia, not far from the winner’s home. At the last minute, the winner connected with him and asked him to drive out there. His entourage made the following video and easily got him a few hundred more fans for life.

And while some will say that the success of this campaign is because, y’know, it’s Stephen frickin’ Curry, I think that a big part of that success is his interactivity and flexibility to change and adapt to the situation. By approaching the campaign as if it wasn’t a campaign, but instead a conversation with the public, a friendship to be nurtured, something to give back, it was guaranteed to be a success.


One thought on “The Secret to Social Media Success Has Little to Do With Social Media

  1. A great post Jim … not off-topic at all … we should always remember that it’s not about the tech … but about the people … emphasis on SOCIAL … engagements … genuine, human .. effective …any organization that builds and maintains that kind of relationship with its audiences will have a far greater chance of communicating effectively during a crisis. also very cool to see stars that get it …

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