Occupy, Facebook and UStream, Oh My

While I like to post on very deep subjects around these parts, sometimes I just have to point out some cool new tool that’s making a splash. Today, we’re on Facebook.

I think that posting about how ridiculously integrated Facebook has become in our lives is kind of trite. And if not in your personal life, I can guarantee that you’re the one dentist out of five that doesn’t get it. The total amount of people with accounts is mind-boggling. The numbers of people who check their feed first thing in the morning is amazing. And the total amount of time spent per month by an average user? Well, all of that time your kids spend texting seems small by comparison.

Therefore, I argue that it’s important for crisis communications.

The other tool that I think is changing the business? Video. And yes, while YouTube is a pretty big deal, I think we’re already seeing where video will be most useful: on the front lines, live. I’m talking about Ustream, the most famous of the live, web streaming services out there. I’ve talked about where this going before, when we talked about the “backpack journalists” of the Occupy movement. The biggest problem with Ustream? It’s tough—nearly impossible—to find feeds. Unless you know someone in the know, you won’t know about it.

Now, imagine, we could put the two together.

What if you could stream video, live, to your Facebook Page right in the Timeline and allow folks to share it with all of their friends? And now imagine that terrible thing you can’t imagine being livestreamed. According to TechCrunch, we’re headed in that direction.

See? Tiny news blip. HUGE implications for those of us in crisis communications. Let’s see how Occupy uses this new tool this summer.


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  1. I’d recommend you look at Bambuser, rather, than UStream for live streaming. It’s very easily integrated with Facebook to live stream straight to your profile, page, or both

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