Media Relations Training

I’ve taken a few media relations trainings in my (short) time in these parts. And I do enjoy them. I love the criticism that I get from seasoned veterans (especially those in the media) about how I do in front of the cameras. All practice is good practice, they say.

I recently came across a great repository of videos from Columbia Southern University about PIO best practices and things to consider. While not truly media training, I really enjoyed the breezy nature of the videos, sound advice and solid pace. And the price. (Free, on YouTube.) A total of six videos on subjects like Building Relationships with the Media, Social Media and Qualities of a Good PIO are freely available and ready to be digested. If you’ve got some time on the train tonight, take a look at this playlist of videos (all six videos in one place).

Big thanks to CSU for a great resource! (And I’d never heard of CSU before I saw these videos, so take this just as a link not an endorsement.)