Quickly Noted: E-books

I’ve shown you what I carry around in case I need to respond to something: my PIO gobag. One of the tools you’ll notice is my old school iPad, the one thing you didn’t see is my iPhone. (I’m an iNerd, I know.)

Both are a key part of my go bag because of what they have on them: everything. You see, I have a Dropbox account where I store digital copies of all of my quick reference guides, plans, charts and layouts. ICS charts, radiation isotope treatment guidance, approved message maps, and on and on. The whole nine yards. On both my iPhone and iPad, I’ve got the Dropbox app installed which allows me to download documents for off-line viewing, giving me 24/7 access to all of my documents. In an EOC bunker, after a power outage, late at night, on the train. Everywhere, and eminently more portable than paper copies.

The reason I bring this up is because the Recovery Diva herself passed along this information and reminded me. Her post, and in particular the focus on ebooks, made me consider how others who might not have that level of tech (or the money to buy it!) could do something similar.

The answer? Ebooks!

A brand new Amazon Kindle ebook reader costs just $80 and is TINY. And with the ability to email PDFs directly to the Kindle for free (over wifi), you can have an entire library of response documents on-hand (or in your back pocket) for less than $80. Everything you need, 24/7, everywhere. And still eminently more portable than paper.