Relating to Bloggers

One of my favorite people in the whole world is Dan Slee. He is one of the very best crisis communications thinkers out there, and I don’t share his stuff enough. Let’s see about changing that right now.

Recently, Dan posted about the relationship between bloggers and press officers (PIOs), and distilled 15 key points that should drive how the two groups relate to each other. As someone who has a foot firmly in both camps, I LOVE his 15 points (summarized below), and think that we, as PIOs and bloggers, can learn a ton about how to establish and improve this coordination.

1. Hyperlocal bloggers have a place in the media landscape.
2. Hyperlocal bloggers have better technology.
3. Putting a blogger on a mailing list is just a start.
4. There needs to be tailored content. The embeddable YouTube clip or the Audioboo may be part of the solution.
5. Spin died a long time ago.
6. Should press officers speak to anonymous bloggers?
7. A telephone number and an email address can establish a blogger’s credentials.
8. A hyperlocal bloggers should shout LOUDLY about their webstats.
9. A Hyperlocal Alliance may help build credibility.
10. Hyperlocal bloggers could do with a back channel and a policy for complaints.
11. Not all hyperlocal blogs are good.
12. Metadata (searchable tags added when an item is posted online) will be the comms person’s best friend.
13. Comms people need digital press offices.
14. Bloggers won’t react like a journalist to a complaint.
15. The war is over. The debate about whether or not local government press officers should talk to hyperlocal blogs is long finished.

If you haven’t had a discussion internally about how best to deal with your local blogging community (yes, you have a local blogging community, trust me), check out Dan’s amazing post.