The Coming Media Landscape

There’s an amazing article in BusinessInsider from last week that is a MUST READ if you work in PR, public information and crisis communications (and obviously members of the media). It’s a sobering look at the state of the newspaper industry, and makes hints about the television networks.

The sobering part?

For those who are students of history, check this out:

What’s more, the digital audience stopped using newspapers as a reference and source for commerce. […] But for almost a whole decade, the newspaper industry barely noticed. Subscriptions kept going up. Ads kept going up. Stocks kept going up. Those who said that newspapers were screwed were dismissed as clueless doom-mongers, at least by newspaper executives. Then [it] happened[.]

The author then describes a lot of the warning signs that the television industry is seeing today that echo what the newspaper industry underwent before the floor fell out.

What does that mean for public information officers? Plenty! If I told you that social media was in the process of going away (i.e., readership and utilization dropping, funding disappearing, etc.), how much would time and effort would you spend on it? How much planning would you do to find an alternate means of communication?

So how much planning are you doing?