The Press Release Diet

Denise Graveline of the Don’t Get Caught blog has been on a bit of a mission this summer to get people to onto the hottest new diet; the Press Release Diet.

It’s an interesting idea that recommends PR folks and PIOs give up press releases. Like cutting Oreo’s out of your diet (which I could never do), it won’t be easy but it’s for the best. She recommends that you stop issuing press releases and instead issue updates to the media and public via regular social media updates. The idea stems from an experiment done by the Library of Congress a few years back where they didn’t issue a single press release for a new initiative and instead relied on disseminating word via social media. (The PDF report is really that interesting.)

Her latest post on the Press Release Diet is about a small, local government communications shop that has given up on press releases and instead relies on social media, website and email for their external comms. They’ve found that making the switch has provided a number of benefits and lessons learned and mention seven specifically:

1. Happier internal clients
2. Happier reporters
3. More time for planning
4. Improved creativity
5. Focused choices in social sharing
6. Implementation takes time
7. Improved public response

Check out the links above for more on the Press Release Diet, or Ms. Graveline’s other recent post here. And, interestingly enough, I wrote about something similar earlier this summer, too.