National Preparedness Month and Serendipity

I was given the extra special opportunity to write a blog post on the excellent Association of Public Health Laboratories’ Public Health Lablog for National Preparedness Month. As you know, I’ve worked with APHL in the past for an amazing series (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) with their Executive Director Scott Becker, on his experiences during 9/11.

Given what we’ve been talking about this month, about not having an audience and about killing the campaign; the current that I find connects all of this is getting away from rigid planning. I don’t know what the hot topic of the day will be, so why try to force my chosen topic? I don’t know who’s listening to me today, so why shut out ninety percent of my audience? What happens when you get away from rigid, strict planning?

Luck. Kismet. Serendipity.

You meet people you would never think you’d meet. You learn deeply about things you never knew existed. You see the world with child’s eyes. You are awed again.

My post for the APHL Lablog today is about just that; about how, during National Preparedness Month, we should step outside our comfort zones and learn about new things. Meet new people. Experience life. Enjoy serendipity. Who knows, in those crisis moments, if some new experience or contact will be there to help save your bacon? If you don’t get out there, they certainly won’t be there.


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