Twitter Best Practices for Media

I’m constantly amazed by how reporters are rewriting how their field uses social media. I’ve talked about it before, about reporters using Twitter to find sources for breaking news. Scary, I know.

But they’re no longer integrating Twitter into their daily routines by themselves anymore. Twitter recently hired Mark Luckie as Manager of Journalism and News, and within the last week or so, he made a number of recommendations for reporters on how to use Twitter more effectively. This is important not only because it shows how much Twitter has become a primary tool for the media today, but because, well, those recommendations are useful for us, too.

Lauren Indvik from Mashable summarized the best points for us, but check out the full article for more:

Tweet your beat
Don’t only post your own stories
Live-tweet events
Use hashtags
Use @mentions
Use the re-tweet button

I have to say, I agreed wholeheartedly with all of the recommendations, except the last one. I’ve always tried to add my name or spin to tweets, but it looks like for just passing along info, a quick retweet might be all we need.

Here’s Ms. Indvik’s note on that (and remember, this is coming directly from Twitter):

Tweets that are re-tweeted in full using the automatic Retweet button are retweeted three times as often compared to tweets that are quoted.