Thanksgiving 2012

This year has been truly amazing. My family is happy, healthy and safe. Work has been interesting and fun. I’ve been given several opportunities to present on the topic that most interests me across the country to great and growing audiences. I’ve made new friends, while at the same time maintained, grew and reestablished existing friendships. I’ve learned more this year than I think I did during any school year.

I. Am. Thankful.

Years ago, there was a public health blog, Effect Measure, that had a nice little Thanksgiving tradition. On Thanksgiving, the author would give an update on the blog and thank the many people who he interacted with over the previous year. The story was that the (pseudononymous) author, while waiting for his wife to finish Thanksgiving dinner, started a blog on a whim. The result was wildly successful. I consider that the very first public health blog (without minimizing the amazing contributions of Jordan Barab’s Confined Space blog, which technically started first). The author’s gusto and pseudonymity gave me the courage to blog.

Nearly six years later, I still am, and I haven’t regretted one second of it. While I’ve never attained the success that many of my blogging heroes have enjoyed, I have no complaints. This is because I’m not writing for everyone. I’m writing for you. And me. And as long you enjoy what I write, and what I write is true to what I believe, this is a wildly successful endeavor.

So, without further ado, what’s happening behind the curtains: more than 16,000 views all time. While the most visited post is an old post on my attending the FEMA G-290 course, the post with the craziest trajectory is the one where I called for an end to the discussion about whether social media had a role in emergency response, The Inflection Point. The craziest part is that I’ve had visitors from more than 100 countries. I believe it, too, considering the amazing friends I’ve made overseas based off this blog and my Twitter. (I’ve even been given the reins to a phenomenal local government comms blog in England for the day!)

For those of you who like their TL;DR: thank you, for being you, for stopping by to see me.