It Takes a Lot of Work

A couple of weeks ago, the world conspired to give me LOTS of things to write about. This lead to a sort of natural experiment on this blog. I got to post–a lot. So for the first time, I got to test that old social media advice that posting regularly helps with traffic.

So I posted every single weekday, well, just about single weekday (except for two Tuesdays), for four straight weeks in a row.

(I can’t believe I’m going to actually show you my behind the scenes; a blogger never tells!)

You can see what that meant for my traffic here:


Those four weeks of over 500 views per week? Try to guess which four weeks I was regularly posting?

Now look at the four weeks prior. What do those four weeks look like? Not much of anything, right? Because I hadn’t posted anything.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is (to me) a direct correlation. Post more, get more traffic. Post less, and struggle to see that tiny little Views bar.

The lesson today? This stuff is HARD! You’re a communicator, which means that you’re underfunded, understaffed, under-resourced, and over-burdened by the amount of work you’ve got. And now I’m telling you that you’ve got to do more, more, more if you want to see success.

So now I ask you, have you experienced this? Is posting every day feasible for your organization?


6 thoughts on “It Takes a Lot of Work”

  1. Great observation and points! In an organization, I find it easier if everyone takes the responsibility of producing content and not rely on the one or two people who lead your social media channels to produce all the content. Every single employee generates content without even knowing it. Studies, observations, initiatives, ideas, meetings, etc. It’s not that hard to come up with 200 words of genuine, high quality content when you have a few hundred employees, or even as little as 5 employees. Plus, it stops the “hey, did you mention what I’m working on” routine.

    1. Great point, Raed. I wonder, though, how many agencies are willing to give up their communication modality? As we’ve seen far too often, especially in social media (one only needs to look at the young lady who managed FDNY’s social media channels during Hurricane Sandy), it’s just the social media folks, just the communications folks.

      Ha, when I rule the world…

      Great to see you!

  2. Great post Jim! Very brave to share the analytics :) I really like Raed’s suggestion of having many people generate content for the blog. I know for my own blog, it has been challenging to always hit my goal of posting once/week. To help out when I’ve been on travel or on deadline, I’ve also reached out to guest bloggers- that can be a nice addition to your content. Perhaps once/week or once/month organizations can solicit a post from an expert in the field?

    1. Guest bloggers, especially experts in the field, are a great, totally untapped resource. Hey, that gives me a GREAT idea for filling holes on my calendar! What are you doing, say, next week?

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