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help-wanted-655x260Last week, I wrote about how regular posting is good for your views. (I’m working on proving it again with a few weeks of steady posting, we’ll see how that goes.) I’m not so far up my own butt to realize that what I’m recommending (see yesterday’s post on the social-ecological model) is really, really hard. Post all the time? Do more than just message? Partner with everyone?

Well, I can’t help with all of that, but I can help with a bit of it. The idea for this post actually came from the comments of that “Takes a Lot of Work” post. (See, there’s another reason to comment; think of all the cool people you’ll meet!) The thrust of my recommendations is this: ask for help.

Help! Help from all of the folks that you work with, help from your subject-matter experts, help from experts in the field, help from non-experts who have a unique way of seeing something. Your agency’s blog doesn’t have to be shouldn’t be a one-man or -woman show. Even restricting posts to just your communications team only gives your readers part of the story. Besides the fact that it can easily lead to burn out.

Frankly, I can’t really state it better than my wonderful commenters, so I’ll cede the floor.

Raed Mansour:

Every single employee generates content without even knowing it. Studies, observations, initiatives, ideas, meetings, etc. It’s not that hard to come up with 200 words of genuine, high quality content when you have a few hundred employees, or even as little as 5 employees. Plus, it stops the “hey, did you mention what I’m working on” routine.

Leah Roman:

I know for my own blog, it has been challenging to always hit my goal of posting once/week. To help out when I’ve been on travel or on deadline, I’ve also reached out to guest bloggers- that can be a nice addition to your content. Perhaps once/week or once/month organizations can solicit a post from an expert in the field?

Different voices, different points of view, different writing styles, all supporting the one great goal of your organization. All interacting with the public, all enjoying seeing their name in print, all getting more recognition for that crazy idea they had. Why aren’t we doing this, again?


4 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. One of my tips is to re-purpose content. For example, last week a colleague wrote an internal email about reorganization of our media library. I used some of the photos he pasted into the email, some of his text, and original text to write a blog post about how convert DVD training programs for online delivery. I also like to create press releases from blog posts and vice versa.

    1. I love this idea! A while back, a friend of mine posted a meme to my public health memes Tumblr about taking all of the facts we write on fact sheets and press releases that no one reads, and tweet them. No reason we couldn’t do exactly that for our blogs. Thanks so much for bringing this up, Greg!

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