2013 Retrospective: Week Three, Top Six

Things are changing around here, and I wanted to highlight the best of the blog during December, 2013. The first week is devoted to my favorite guest posts and posters. The second week is devoted to my three most engaging posts. The third and fourth weeks count down my top six most trafficked posts, truly, the best of the best. These overview posts will have links to each of the posts for the week.

Stay tuned to all of my posts for the rest of the week as I start to re-post my top six, best trafficked posts. I still get stars in my eyes when something of mine gets seen by hundreds of people and these posts are the ones that really did well. Like a child, you spend time grooming, correcting, refocusing a post, and then you let it off in the world to succeed or fail. Failure brings a renewed sense of determination. Success? Well, these posts made me want to do it again. Seeing a successful post reminds you why you stay up too late and why you research too many things.

First up, number six. Hoboken, New Jersey. Water main breaks and near constant messaging via social media by the city government. Text. Book. Case. Best. Practice.
Secondly, number five. The Boston Marathon, and how Boston Police depended wholly on social media after the bombing–with audio!
Finally, number four. Hurricane Sandy was the inflection point for emergency managers and emergency management agencies realizing that social media is everywhere and is remaking how we respond to disasters.

2013 Retrospective: Week Three, Top Six

2 thoughts on “2013 Retrospective: Week Three, Top Six

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