2013 Retrospective: Week Four, Top Three

Things are changing around here, and I wanted to highlight the best of the blog during December, 2013. The first week is devoted to my favorite guest posts and posters. The second week is devoted to my three most engaging posts. The third and fourth weeks count down my top six most trafficked posts, truly, the best of the best. These overview posts will have links to each of the posts for the week.

Stay tuned to all of my posts for the rest of the week as I re-post the creme de la creme. It’s funny to see, as a blogger, which posts really take off and which ones don’t. I literally have no idea which it will be. It’s as much of a surprise to me as it is to my readers. Some posts you’ll research for hours and pour your heart and soul into and, nothing. Other ones you dash off under a deadline and–BAM–it’s the best post you’ve ever written. But that’s not always the case, either. Sometimes you really craft something good and people keep reading it. And sharing it. And visiting it, again and again. And that’s what these three are. Finely researched, wonderful crafted (if I do say so myself), and ultimately the best I’ve published according to you guys.

So, without further delay, the top three:

First up, number three. Viral videos are coup de grace these days. And with some money and creativity, even a local emergency management agency can do it. But, what does that success mean for the rest of our work?
Secondly, number two. Ugh, Bank of America and an automated Twitter account. It’s really amazing how creative protesters can be, and how mortifying it can look from the outside.
Finally, the top banana. Facebook is dying. Well, maybe not dying, but it’s certainly not as useful as it once was. And for agencies who are just now getting into social media, understanding how less useful is a key component of setting their expectations.