About Me

This blog is a personal endeavor and the thoughts, ideas, recommendations and actions contained herein do not represent the official policy or standing of my job.

Jim Garrow is the Director of Communications at the Philadelphia Department of Public Health. He oversees strategic communications, media relations, and web and social media presence. He solely manages the prolific @PHLPublicHealth Twitter account.

He’s pretty worried about what’s happening in the world, and hopes that this blog will help communicators fight back against our backsliding into the bad part of history.


One thought on “About Me”

  1. Hi Jim. I am very impressed with your blog and your work and hope you can send me an email so that we can communicate.

    My name is Kjell, and I am a Norwegian working in the public sector in Norway we the same issues you are working on. I have been heavily involved in two major crisis affecting Norwegians – the tsunami in 2004 and the terror attacks on 22nd July 2011 – and I now work with a government agency where I am involved in a web page for crisis communications (www.kriseinfo.no) and its social media offsprings, as well as writing a guidelines paper for crisis communication.

    Hope to hear from you. Keep up the good work.


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